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Albury has two WWI memorials. The wooden memorial plaque in Albury Village Hall states: "PARISH OF ALBURY. THE OFFICERS AND MEN WHO SERVED IN THE GREAT WAR. 1914-1919." 35 who perished have gold lettering. More names appear than the 26 on the stone memorial in Albury Church.

Details of memorials, service, honours, families and photographs of those named on the stone memorial in Albury Church who lost their lives in World War One were researched in 2018 by Peter Drinkwater.

This file, of some three hundred pages including the Albury War Memorial dedication service, is in the vestry of St Peter and St Paul's Church, Albury.

In 2020 Albury History Society scanned all 29 sections, which are available below. The wooden plaque names are further down.

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Men of Albury fallen in the First World War, on the stone memorial in the church; 26 names:

They Gave Their Today - Summary

- -  Arthur Atfield

- -  James Elliot Botting

- -  Frederick Leonard Bullen

- -  Newdigate Owen Burne

- -  Charles William Cooper

- -  Philip Crowley

- -  Frank William John Dedman

- -  James George Dedman

- -  William Webster Dyson

- -  William Albert Greentree

- -  Albert Edward Harrison

- -  Albert Head

- -  Gordon Hewitt appears on the memorial and in the service but no details have been found by They Gave Their Today or ourselves

- -  Cyril Edward King-Church

- -  Lenox William Mcclure John

- -  James Moss

- -  Barham Middleton

- -  Robert William Middleton

- -  William Arthur Pauffley - not named on the Memorial

- -  Herbert Adley Sheppard

- -  Matthew James Shurlock

- -  Charles Albert Victor Spooner

- -  Albert Styles

- -  Harry Styles

- -  Matthew Thompson

- -  Harry Tugwell

- -  Theodore Wright V.C.

-  Aymer Edward Maxwell - named on a plaque in the Northumberland Chapel

Dedication Service, Sunday March 5th. 1922  From the Service of Commemoration programme:
THE MEMORIAL: The project for the Erection in the Parish Church of a Memorial, which should be a parochial tribute to the men killed in the War, was initiated in May 1920 at a Parish Meeting; as an outcome of the scheme proceeded under the direction of:
COMMITTEE: His Grace the Duke of Northumberland, The Rev. H.E.Crowley, Mr. W.W. Rhoades, Mr. C.A. Botting, Mrs. Malthus, Miss Capadose (Hon. Sec.), Mr. Z. Pollard, Miss M. King-Church, Mr. W. Knight, Mr. J. Gadd, Mr. G.H. Coe, Mr. G.E. Foard, Mr. A Osborne, Mr. E. Browne.
ARCHITECT: Mr. G.F. Metcalfe.
MASONS: Messrs. Arthur Moon & Sons.
CASTERS: The Albion Art Foundry, Ltd.

The stone-work—a niche with semi-circular arch, carved with double chevrons and supported by pillars—is in Hopton Wood Stone and is of a Romanesque character akin to the style of the church. In the niche is a bronze relief—kneeling figure of a soldier. The names of the fallen are incised in the stone below and the offering-up of their lives is shown, in symbol, by a lighted lamp borne in the soldier's hands. In the space under the arch is a painting; an angel reads from a scroll the record of all that was accomplished and endured in the great war, and with a harp and voice angels give thanks to God Who has given such gifts unto men.

Parish of Albury - The Officers And Men Who Served In The Great War 1914-1915
in the order inscribed on the wooden memorial plaque in Albury Village Hall; 187 names. Those who died are in gold; 35 names:

H. Agar

H. Ansell

G. Arrow

W. Arrow

D. Ashford

A. Atfield   Arthur Atfield

A. Atfield

F. Allen

E. Barclay

T. Barclay Thomas Hubert Barclay

F. Baker

H. Baker

G. Barber

J. Barber

A. Baugh

C. Beadell

G. Bellinger

W. Bellinger

J. Blake

J. Botting   James Elliot Botting

M. Botting

S. Botting

W. Bowler

C. Bowler

H. Brewer

H. Brewer

J. Browne

E. Browne

E. Browning

L. Bullen   Frederick Leonard Bullen

T. Bullen

W. Bullen

F. Burne

N. Burne   Newdigate Owen Burne - seemingly the incorrect Burne is gold

R. Burne

R. Burne

B. Chandler

S. Collins

F. Cooper

C. Cooper   Charles William Cooper

W. Cooper

C. Crowley

L. Crowley

P. Crowley   Philip Crowley

B. Crowley

C. Cumper


W. Cumper

F. Cumper

E. Cumper

W. Cumper

A. Cumper

W. Carpenter

R. Dale

W. Day

C. Dean

F. Dedman   Frank William John Dedman

J. Dedman   James George Dedman

R. Dedman

G. Davis

W. Davis

A. Davis

W. Dyson   William Webster Dyson

G. Edgington

H. Fuller

G. Fuller

S. Fullick

T. Fullick

G. Foard

F. Fry

J. Forward

H. Gadd

J. Gadd

W. Gadd

C. Gay

W. Greentree   William Albert Greentree

G. Grover

H. Grist

W. Grover

G. Hamp

J. Hamp

W. Hampshire

F. Harding

R. Hardy   Ronald Montagu Hardy

W. Howe

A. Harrison   Albert Edward Harrison

J. Harrison

G. Head

A. Head   Albert Head

C. Heath

E. Heath

F. Heather

W. Tugwell

S. Stevens Junr

G. Hewitt  

D. Holt

H. Howick

P. Hurts  

R. Jay

N. Jillet

W. Killick  

E. Killick

S. Killick

C. King Church   Cyril Edward King-Church

C. Knapp

E. Knapp

A. Knapp

G. Knapp

T. Knapp

E. Knapp

C. Langrish

G. Lee

J. Lee

W. Lee

H. Lewer

D. Lewer

W. Lewer

S. Lloyd

C. Logan  

A. Luckin  

S. Metcalfe

B. Middleton   Barham Middleton

R. Middleton  

J. Miles

L. Miles

C. Morgan

J. Moss   James Moss

L. McClure John   Lenox William Mcclure John

W. Monk

J. McCann

A. Osmond

G. Owen

A. Padwick

Z. Pollard

W. Potter

R. Potter

C. Prior

A. Puddick

P. Puddick

A. Pullen

W. Pike

J. Pike

H. Redhead

H. Sheppard   Herbert Adley Sheppard

F. Shergold

E. Sherman

C. Sherman

A. Short

M. Sherlock   Matthew James Shurlock

G. Sherlock

J. Smith

P. Smith

P. Soper

C. Spooner   Charles Albert Victor Spooner

A. Stedman

A. Steadman

F. Stedman

G. Stamford

A. Stevens

H. Stevens

S. Stevens

A Styles   Albert Styles

H. Styles   Harry Styles

S. Styles

H. Sumner

J. Scruby

W. Taylor

L. Taylor

J. Thomas

M. Thomson   Matthew Thompson

H. Tugwell   Harry Tugwell

A. Tugwell

J. Tugwell

W. Treagus   W Treagus

W. Venn

J. Wells

G. Wells

F. Whitaker

H. Whitaker

E. Wissam

H. Wirths   Harry Walter Wirths

T. Wright   Theodore Wright VC

G. Wright

H. Worsfold

V. Woods

G. Styles

G.A. Tanner

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